CodeTwo PST Ghostbuster

CodeTwo PST Ghostbuster is a tool for removing duplicated PST files (ghost files) from Outlook.In some cases the PST file can appear twice in Outlook. Its contents are then shown twice on the folder list and in other folder views, which can make work much harder. Duplicated PST file can be easily fixed and removed from the profile.

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  1. Sorry to mention this, but it isn’t alawys sufficient to just create a message with addresses in it and then delete it in order to get the addresses into the autocomplete list.I am using IMAP and SMTP servers and, after much experimenting, I find that the autocomplete file only updates after you click send and then exit Outlook. It does not update unless you click send.Therefore, in order to populate the list using Diane’s method, it was necessary to change the SMTP server name to an invalid name (so the message would not actually send), and then attempt to send a message to all the contacts which I wanted to be in the autocomplete.The message gets stuck in the outbox, which you then need to delete before changing the SMTP server back to the correct name to avoid the dummy message being sent. Then quit OL and you will see the autocomplete file update. It does not update without the send.